In Poland, ceremony customs are still present.

In Poland, ceremony customs are still present.

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Polish ceremony customers are presented with salt and bread when they arrive at the greeting. The woman’s kids give these requirements to them as a sign of their passion and promise that the bride and groom will not experience hunger or thirst.

Previously the meeting is over, guests can begin dancing. A Polish wedding typically lasts well into the day, and plenty of food is served, including popular appetizers, appetizers, cakes, and cakes. It’s customary to perform social games before the dance begins to break up the ice and create family and friends to one another.

Oczepiny, when all childless girls and boys dance around the wife, is one of the most significant customs. The one who finds her veil is the one who will get married after her ( this is why it’s best to wear a headdress or something that ca n’t be easily hidden ). Additionally, the maid of honor gathers funds from each participant before counting it and giving it to the partners as marriage.

Wysiewanie klosow, where the bride’s and couple’s relatives scatter a handful of grains over their minds as they kneel before the shrine, is another custom that has continued to this day. The wheat serves as a sign of diversity and ovulation. As their guests shower the pair with pennies to wish them a rich prospect together as they rise from their kneeling positions.

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